What we do

What we do

We understand business challenges. We design and architect IT systems and applications answering those challanges. We ask questions until we fully understand what needs to be solved and/or supported by an intelligent IT solution. We understand IT should make our lives easier not complicate them.

Our mission

Developing and providing multiplatform applications bringing real value to our clients not just in terms of money, but time and energy as well.

Our goal

To become one of the most wanted and reliable Hungarian IT development suppliers and subcontractors not just in Hungary, but in other countries of the EU.

Some facts about us

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Our clients

Zsolt Harangi

AMIKO – CEO (Hungary)

We have been struggling with an oldschool CRM system for years. It was a huge progress when CodeLeaf designed and implemented our completely new system. We are still working with CodeLeaf team on implementing new modules.

Jessie Dijkman

Health Diaries – CEO (The Netherlands)

It was a pleasure to work on the Health Diaries web application with CodeLeaf. The developers exactly understood what we needed. Also, the changes suggested by CodeLeaf developers resulted in an even better and more user friendly web app than we originally designed.

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